Your (and the country’s) PURPOSE

Continuing our recent unpacking & "reprise" of past teachings and mentorship of Kenneth Blanchard's "Vision for America."

A compelling vision is comprised of three components. We talked a bit about knowing who you are (your purpose), where you are going (your vision for the future) and what will guide your journey (your values).

Let's drill down for a moment.

Your purpose need not be complicated. For example, my purpose? "Pay it forward as you can seldom pay back. I empower our next generation of leaders" (Hat tip to R.W. Emerson).

In its simplest terms, what business are you in? What does your personal brand stand for?

If you're interested, and again as an example, my mission: "Loving mentor and experiential evangelist of simple truths."

Continuing, my personal values: stoicism (no drama); empathy through conscience; GSD; trust

Another purpose example, Southwest Airlines, "SWA is in the customer service business—we just happen to fly airplanes."

Walt Disney World's purpose: "We're in the happiness business." Indeed! No mention of theme parks or animated cartoons here!

In closing, the why behind the what. The reason for your existence. 

Relating back to the recent theme of Blanchard's Vision for America. What business is the country in? Role model for democracy? Quality of life for the people that live here? "Make America Great Again?"

What do you think?

 NEXT TIME: What business is the country in?