Your price is too high

VISTAGE best practice speaker Chuck Reaves visited with my groups recently. In my view, a tour de force and if I have a regret it is that I didn't introduce Chuck and his thesis earlier to my crowd.

A lot of nuggets. In fact he calls them 'Chuckism's'.

I'm reminded at this juncture that the reason we expose you to best practice speakers is for you a.) to think, b.) apply the teachings as appropriate in your business to accelerate your personal and professional growth.

Let me whet your appetite for more of Chuck's outstanding content by passing along these three (3):

  1. "If your organization doesn't have a 'Chief Sales Officer' or 'Chief Revenue Officer' then chances are you are the Chief Sales Officer (the CEO, President or Business Owner)"
  2. "Single most important job of a leader is to TEACH."
  3. "In the history of recorded time, no customer has ever said 'Your price is too high' and meant it."

Chuck's a big fan philosophically of DIY. Check it out: