Your personal toiletries

Did you see this development recently as reported in the WSJ?

Seems moderate to high-end hotel operators like Marriott are jumping back on the bandwagon of eliminating personal size toiletries in their hotel rooms. 

As a veteran traveler who in the past spent 200+ nights a year in a hotel room, I thought the wall mounted communal sharing of personal toiletries like soap, shampoo, conditioner and body lotion was a relic from the past. (EDITORS NOTE: I never liked it then and I don't think I'll like the idea any better now; hate to admit it as I personally always looked forward to the travel size Neutrogena bottles!)

Now, I get it. They want us to know that they share our concern for the environment (disposal of all of those coffee K-Cups, er, shampoo bottles) and wastefulness (READ: "cost saving"). I can see it now. Next time in a hotel room, in the shower, fist bump the soap dispenser only to find out that it is empty!) You're talking about inconvenience!

Lest me be prematurely judgmental. It will be interesting to see how this development all works out over time.