Without values you have a free-for-all

In recent blogs, we've been reviewing an oldie but a goodie back from 2012 from author Ken Blanchard on the topic "Vision for America."

You might recall from previous installments that we have reviewed (and applied) two(2) basic tenets of a compelling vision:

  1. Our country's purpose or what business we are in as a country;
  2. Our picture of the future or where we are headed.

Today, we'll focus on our country's values. In other words, what values will drive our behaviors in the future?

Blanchard states that less than 10% of the companies that he has worked with operate with a compelling set of values. Ten percent!

Without values you have a free-for-all.

3-5 values (not 9-10) is typical for those who abide by them. Easy to remember and sharpens our focus.

In true Jack Welch fashion, I would encourage you to "force rank" your values. In other words, place them in order of importance and priority.

Mine (in order) Why? Sometimes values naturally conflict with each other.

  1. Grace
  2. Trust
  3. Empathy
  4. Stoicism
  5. GSD

Southwest Airlines values?

  1. Safety
  2. Warrior spirit (you have a job to do-do it!)
  3. Servant's heart.
  4. Fun-loving attitude

Blanchard says that the country is absent a set of values and as such it is a free-for-all. Values— when properly defined and aligned, endure.