Winning changes everything

You might remember Scott Hamilton, retired American figure skater and Olympic gold medalist in 1984. You see, I make it a habit to study successful people. Always looking for an edge.

Hamilton has recently written a book called Finish First

From an excerpt and recent interview, a few quick takeaways:

"Winning changes everything."

Declare intention>>decision>>commitment>>reps

"Winning hurts less than losing."

"Failure is the greatest thing ever."

"Single ingredient of success is failure."

Mom was inspirational & driving force in his life. Everything he did was to honor her.

"Study winning people."

"When you get stuck, get off the bench, tap into your deepest potential."

"Edit your critics."

"Stay in Your Lane."

"Challenge convention."

"Changes happen in bunches."

"Get your first initial wins, and then build on it."

During these (or for that matter, any) Olympic Games, I'm reminded the incredible sacrifice that these athletes make to represent our country versus the best the world has to offer. Scott Hamilton certainly exemplified the very best of champions. It is obvious from Hamilton's perspective that he dealt with an awful lot of adversity and personal demons in his pursuit to be the best. Hat tip for continuing to show up.