Why I work for myself

Over the holidays, I had a chance to step back a bit and do some reflection on my 2017 (on the way to 2018 being my best year yet). I asked the question: why do I work for myself?


Leading off, I started with what I'm grateful for. By the way, while I'm at it, have you sat down and ticked off what you're grateful for? 


What am I grateful for? A few:


  • My wife–truly makes me a better person
  • My immediate (and extended) family, their accomplishments and contributions to date
  • My VISTAGE family and friends
  • My heart, spirit, passion and love for what my role is in this thing
  • My faith
  • My country
  • My parents and the values that they instilled in me
  • My work ethic and intensity
  • My health
  • My "compassionate confidence" in the future
  • My ability to "process" (distill) new opportunities that I become aware of
  • Being a smart risk-taker and mastering my niche

Clearly, I'm in the "encore" phase of my career. Starting something new (in this incarnation, my VISTAGE practice) has re-energized me and helped me help others sharpen their focus on what truly matters. My Dad always told me what you're paying for when you hire practitioners is their experience. Life isn't an exact science. You want somebody who has been around the block a time or three. Choose your peers (the "influencer's") wisely. 


In closing, why do I work for myself? I still have considerable to share. If you're presently stuck, stalled or stagnant have the conversation. I know if it works for me, it'll work for you. 


More specifically, I control my calendar, my schedule, my events, my way. With intention, I'm only going to hang out with people that I truly enjoy being around and in turn people that enjoy spending time with me. I'm all about perpetual motion and these days, I'm very guarded about being around people that sap my energy.  


And in closing, calling my own shot and being accountable for it. In the immortal words of my Mom, "let's get after it!"


That's me. How about you? Why do you work for yourself and if you don't, why do you work for somebody else?