When contemplating a complex decision

We spoke a few blogs ago about a recent article in the WSJ on the topic of "When to Go with Your Gut" authored by Elizabeth Bernstein. 

I was fascinated.

Experts tell us when contemplating a complex decision, best practice is to make a list and set it aside. Then, use both your conscious and unconscious mind to solve the challenge.. 

If you approach things in a linear fashion, as I do, start with the conscious approach first.

Make a simple list of the pros and cons of the choices you have in front of you in your decision matrix or tree.

Doing this will satisfy the rational or conscious part of your brain.

Often, making the list of pros and cons helps you to arrive at a decision with absolute clarity.

However, if you're still stuck or temporarily paralyzed by indecision, set the issue aside for a bit.

Absorb your conscious mind with other pursuits. By the way, hikes and walks are ideal. Maybe listening to your favorite musical artist or attending a sporting event.

While you're distracted, your unconscious mind will work on the problem.

The conversation is the relationship—changing our world by changing ourselves—what are you thinking?