Unwritten Rules of Management (Leadership)- ” …when something appears on the slide presentation, assume the world knows about it.”

From my recent blog series, I shared that a client passed along a copy of former Raytheon Chairman & CEO William H. Swanson's "Unwritten Rules of Management" and how it could also be labeled "Unwritten Rules of Leadership.") I

There are several enduring virtues or principle's contained in "Swanson's Unwritten Rules of Management" (If interested I would encourage you to "Google it!") 

If the axiom is true that we're all products of the five people that we are closest to, this compendium embodies precisely that. Swanson refers to the Unwritten Rules as the "anthology of common sense."

Let's get to number 5 then.

Unwritten rule #5 "Presentation rule: when something appears on a slide or in the deck, assume the world knows about it and deal with it accordingly."

For me, my synthesis of this particular Unwritten Rule:

As a fellow leader, when presenters try to convince you that something you are looking on at the screen—proprietary, "competitive G2" and so forth—will never leave the room, assume that it already has and deal with it accordingly. In fact, assume it will be published online or in the New York Times. Maintain your integrity and govern yourself accordingly.