Trade secrets: an open door policy

Jim Sloan, one of my mentors in life, always lead from a position of Servant Leadership. We've talked exhaustively on this topic over the years.

Jim told me the two greatest motivational gifts you could share with the people working for you were 1.) MBWA or "Manage By Walking Around", and, 2.) an open door policy.

Today, we'll "speak" about an open door policy and next time, MBWA.

Keeping your door open to your employees and associates is one of the greatest and uplifting motivational techniques that I know of–particularly when you're growing rapidly. You see when you're growing, your previous "flat organization" (void of layers) begins to add layers that naturally create some distance between the CEO and his/her associates.

If you encourage open-doors at your place, then consider this blog additional validation of your present approach. If not, and when you are in the office and available, encourage anyone to stop by and share their thoughts. In other words, make it known that it's alright and not an interruption of your day and the reason for your day. There really is no better alternative to improving morale of the team.