“The struggle ends when the gratitude begins”

"The struggle ends when the gratitude begins."

This quote originally attributed to Neale Donald Walsch.

Occasionally, I suppose I find myself in the deepest of the deep.

That said, self-pity is never my strong suit. In fact, I believe it was Kay Yow who said "Don't drown in self-pity. Swish your feet a little. Then get out."

Gratitude is not daily practice for me but certainly something that I re-visit from time to time. 

Gratitude, or focus on being grateful for people you've met or events that happen brings so much inner peace and happiness. When you have "diseased people" (negative people; cynics are people that drag me down) or "diseased events" (like lost opportunities).

I would encourage you to do some pruning. Remove diseased people or events from your life. They don;t keep you focused in the direction you are headed.

When I am able to focus on what I am grateful for, it puts my daily dramas into proper context & perspective. Releases the stress demons.

Just curious, what or who are you grateful for?