The first of five vital questions that the disciplined leader must ask themselves

Do I have the right talent, i.e. right people in the right seats?

The very best leaders intentionally and strategically surround themselves with talented teams of people.

These carefully chosen individuals possess skills and innate gifts that surpass those of their leaders. These employees are working alongside their leaders and behind the scenes, driving productivity, profitability, and overall business success.

Part of your responsibility as leader is to maximize your human assets. You start the process by identifying the very best talent and help them achieve their full potential.

You must also choose those who have the capacity to deliver according to job requirements and exude openness to learning and growth when asked or required. Author Gino Wickman refers to it as GWC i.e. "gets it, want it, has the intellectual capacity." 

Over the years, numerous studies on the topic of turnover have shown that 80 percent is directly tied to bad hiring decisions. We all know that turnover is expensive! Most striking is those in leadership roles where hiring mistakes can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.