The decision to exit (leave)

"ICYMI" or in case you missed it.

Did you see this from HBR?

The decision to exit is because of the work. Folks leave when their job isn’t enjoyable, their strengths aren’t being used, and they aren’t growing in their careers.

Just curious, for the folks that left your employ in the last year or so, what do you know about why they left?

Manager and leaders define the work and the job design. HBR research validates that most companies design the jobs and then slot the people. However, enlightened companies find talented people and design the job around them. Aha!

Said another way, in designing the work, leaders are best served when they enable their associates to do work that they enjoy, help them play to their strengths, and carve a path for career development that accommodates a person's personal priorities.

An example here may be helpful.

I see a lot of organizations promote their very best salespeople to perform the role of the sales manager. The sales manager role is to manage salespeople. Often times, the ace salesperson in an individual contributor  role, misses solving problems for clients. Sometimes they get disenchanted and don't perform at a high level as a result. Key here for a long-term better fit is to engage people in work that they truly enjoy doing. Leading teams of people and growing through others isn't for everyone.

One final takeaway from the HBR research by Goler—great bosses setup shields. With intention they shield their workers from toxicity.

When you have a manager who cares about your happiness and your success, your career and your life, invariably you end up with a better job. When that is the case, it’s hard to imagine working anywhere else.