The Wingman Change Agent

Continuing our recent series on the topic of COOs.

According to HBR Research, there are seven (7) different types of COOs.

In yesterday's blog, we talked about the COO style called "The Executor." Take a moment to recall the essential takeaways here: the Executor is "heads down" focused on the operational details necessary for success today. By chance, in your organization, is the COO the President? Yes, sometimes. However, a clear distinction of responsibilities between the founder(s)/CEO and the President is duly noted.

Today, we're talking about "The Change Agent" COO.

Indeed, a different role and contrast in style than The Executor. Take a moment to note the differences.

The Change Agent is often brought in to be the lead dog on some sort a turnaround; lead a specific strategic initiative, e.g. "growth officer", desire to change the existing culture and get us pointed in an entirely different direction, or planned 10X rapid & transformative expansion.

Requires unquestioned authority and autonomy from the top to succeed. If this has a chance of success, I find that Founders/CEOs often have to park their ego at the door. As in, "here are the keys to the car, Son." Let it go. Empirically, I see little visual evidence of this in the marketplace today. 

As a fellow SMB Owner, if I can identify a person that I can turn over the reins to, get our organization unstuck (assuming for this illustration that it is stuck) and on the path to growth and future prosperity while at the same time develop other members of my team, personally, "I'm all over that." Tell me where to sign up! (How much is that worth to me so that I don't have to be the lead dog?)

NOTE: the type of individual(s) described herein are difficult to identify. If they're good at what they do, they're already working, doing this for someone else. If they are not, it probably is because they've had so called philosophical differences with ownership.