The 90-day year and holding up the mirror

Was listening to a recent podcast with Olympian sports psychologist Todd Herman. During the podcast, learned that Todd plans to open up the Olympic playbook and extend his platform to business as a motivational & keynote speaker. 

The podcast was fascinating on many levels. 

The essence?

Todd advocates breaking your goals down into 90-day planning horizons or 90-day sprints. There may be something to this premise. Distant objectives aren't "sticky." Distant planning horizons, like 3-year (heck, Herman even said 1-year) goals often result in procrastination and avoidant behavior.

Keep it simple.

I would encourage you to vet this theory against your own personal experience. Herman's theory does seem to coalesce nicely with what we have already learned from author ("Traction") Gino Wickman on the topic of ROCKS. That said, quarterly ROCKS typically are subsets and building blocks for one and three year objectives.

Key takeaway here I believe is to think with the end objective in mind. VISUALIZE what success looks like at the appropriate interval and recognize that it is a step process. Take a color-by-numbers approach. Practice>>Training>>Prep>>Routine>>Habits>>Skills.

One final takeaway from Todd's podcast. Humbling. "If you're a Coach, hold up the mirror as they really are, not what they think they are." Said another way, "tell them what they need to hear, not what they want to hear."