Tell ’em

Saw this in a recent EOS blog that I thought worthwhile to pass along.

Situation: Since you're the boss, and the buck naturally stops with you, Employee X likes to come by, stick his or her nose in your door and bitterly complain about his/her boss or "the way you do things around here." As the boss, you might be inclined to take an interest & jump in with both feet. 

Let's review: The classic end-run and unproductive complaining. Hmm…

The next time this happens (bet you won't have to wait long particularly if you've been inclined to jump in in the past)

Ask this question:

“Are you going to tell ’em, or am I going to tell ’em? Because one of us needs to tell ’em.”

Try this question for a month or so. I promise you'll get a better result for yourself, your managers and your employees.