Speaking Email and ZeroInBox

Hello there,

Hope that you enjoyed the eclipse today. Don't worry, if you did, you'll have another opportunity in 2024.

From time to time, I come across apps that have been very helpful to me in managing my growing InBox and my time required to manage it. If you're like me, you receive several hundred emails daily. I never want to miss an opportunity that somehow flies beneath my radar.

By now, I hope that you are already familiar with this app AND if you are not, do yourself a favor, save yourself "buckets of time" and investigate this one (see SnagIt screen capture below)!

As my friend Arnold ("Ahhhnold") likes to say "you can find it in the App Store."

Available on either Apple iOS or Google Android so either way, you're covered! There is a free version and the premium version requires very little additional investment and includes voice commands! I use Bluetooth (hands free in the car) and can process dozens of emails in a very short period of time.  

On the way to the office and on the way home you too can create the panacea—"ZeroInBox."

Good luck!