Shooting for the stars

ICYMI the other day from Seth (condensed as I can't state it as eloquently as Seth does)

Every day, in connection and collectively with our various enterprises, we shoot for the stars (& unlikely outcomes.) We send out our resume, mass e-mail, pitch our book, ask for a donation, swipe right on a social network…

Two distinct approaches to our messaging work excerpted below:

Approach 1: "spray and pray"

Take the volume approach. Put very little effort into every interaction by attempting to make the interaction more efficient and sending it out by the hundreds (if not thousands). Further, and worse yet, because this isn't your "uniqueability" hire a marketing assistant to do this for you. The objective is to have as many interactions as possible (again and again as in repetitive). In Seth's words, "you deal with the noise by making more noise." (LOL)

TWO: "Invest far more in each interaction than any rational human would advise."

Do your homework. Invest more time in creating your offer than you expect the recipient will spend in replying to it. Don't personalize, be personal. Create an imbalance of effort and care. Show up. Don't spam, in any form.

The thing is, people can tell (the difference).

As a result of this approach, you're significantly more likely to give you an interview, make a donation, answer your question or do that other thing you're hoping for if you've signaled that you're actually a caring, focused, & generous human.

Thanks Seth. (I told you Seth stated it far more elegantly than I could.) Beautiful. Now, instead of having a room full of farmers instead of salespeople, go do that.