Goals for the US

Recently, we have been reviewing Ken Blanchard's "Vision for America", circa 2012. By now, this is certainly an "oldie but a goodie" AND I'm surprised not much has changed in Washington since 2012.  Truth be told, much longer than that actually.

Blanchard states for a compelling vision to endure, you need four (4) elements.

Thus far, we have reviewed three (3).

In case you missed it, here is a quick re-capture for a compelling vision:

  • A significant purpose (know who you are)
  • A picture of the future
  • Clear values

The fourth element, GOALS, help people focus on the hear and now.

Jack Bowsher, a Blanchard protégé, suggests that we should put our collective heads together and develop national goals. As a start, Bowsher suggested these six (6) national goals:

  • Peace with strong defense and Homeland Security systems
  • Prosperity and a rising standard of living with high level of employment
  • Adequate and affordable health care system for all
  • Superior and affordable education systems
  • Efficient and affordable government
  • Decent retirement for senior citizens

You wouldn't get much pushback from me on these. I would augment fiscal responsibility however.

Blanchard states that candidates should spell out their goals together with plans and strategies to achieve them (just as any good business person would do.) Assuming we can agree on some national goals, we should expect vigorous debate on alternative ways to achieve them. Let the people decide by electing candidates, strategies and plans against a unified set of goals good for the country. Sounds about right.

NEXT TIME: Treat citizens as business partners.