Question 4 re: “Accountability”

We have been talking recently on the topic of five vital questions that every existing (or aspiring) CEO should ask themselves.

Since we took a detour over the last several blogs, let us "level set" with what we have talked about previously:

Question #1: Do I have the right talent?

Question #2: Do we have goal clarity?

Question #3: Do we have goal alignment?

Question #4: Are we holding people accountable?

I should preface #4 by saying that in my experience, the accountability first starts with you. In other words, you can't expect to hold others accountable until you hold yourself accountable. 

We all know that real accountability requires discipline and tenacity. You have to stay after it. Ideally, accountability cascades down and courses its way through all levels of the organization. It's helpful to establish meeting rhythms to check-in on and discuss progress (or lack thereof) and re-establish alignment and establish course correction when necessary.  These meetings also provide insight around what’s working and what isn’t, who needs coaching and, ultimately, who is engaged and not engaged.