Punctuality the “courtesy of kings”

I was reminded recently by my good friend David the importance of being punctual.

David told me that "…being punctual is the courtesy of kings." I love that! In fact, I could (still) hear my father's footsteps behind me after the subtle reminder.

Stepping back, do you recognize how you feel when you're running late for an important meeting or appointment? Speaking for me, running late creates an awful lot of needless anxiety. Frankly, I'm frazzled. Adrenaline starts to push in an unhealthy way. In short, I don't like the way I feel when I'm late. Don't get me wrong, if I haven't allowed for enough time because of life's "unavoidables", I like to make the effort to call or text. At least have the courtesy to set a positive leadership example.

On the other hand, do you notice how good you feel when you're prepared and punctual for your next meeting or appointment?

I know how I feel when folks are late. "Your time more important than my time?"

Another friend Shawn told me that 10 minutes before is early; on time is late. I want my legacy to be "always on time." Leading by example here, one encounter at a time, is worth its weight in gold. Just curious, what's your legacy?