Positioning and your brand

Price, product, promotion and place. Positioning is the fifth of the original 4 P's of effective marketing that I learned about in grad school many moons' ago.

How do position your brand? Everyday low prices? Boutique? Value?

Whatever it is, this needs to shine!

In other words, the position of your brand should come through, not clutter or confuse. Your brand has to stand for something. Get your target down with a rifle shot, be good at one thing, and get your message right (together with whatever the corresponding benefit is to the business or consumer doing business with your brand). And as we spoke about recently, if you are a sole practitioner, and hang a shingle, doing business with the brand is doing business with you!

In closing, if marketing isn't a hat that you deftly wear in your organization, and you don't presently employ that person or team of people in your business, I would encourage you to "bite the bullet" and make the investment.

Bite the bullet