Over the holidays, take a few moments and do a leadership audit against the following attributes

Taking a step back for a moment. I hope we have all had the great fortune in our careers to date of working for (and with) leaders that we can learn from (and consistently apply their principles). Conversely, I hope we have all had the opportunity to observe behaviors that don't work so that we can draw and contrast mental images in our minds of "how not to do."

Please take a few moments and assess yourself against the following traits.

HONESTY/INTEGRITY – "Table stakes" in leadership. No lie is a good move; even white lies.

EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION SKILLS- In my view,good communication skills start with good listening skills. Look for opportunities to ask great open-ended questions. Listen 75% of the time. That's what people will remember abut you. 

TEAM BUILDER: Demonstrate respect and other points of view (even contrarian views) in each and every encounter. 

AUTHENTIC: Has the ability to be appropriately vulnerable when the situation calls for it.

COMPETENT: In the face of constant and continual adversity, and the general speed of business today, you must be nimble and demonstrate consistency in your decision making. In particular when you have imperfect information (which is to say, "most of the time").  

LOVE PEOPLE: Coach Hayes taught us that "you win with people." (BTW, as in most things, he was right). If you show concern for a person's well being, they'll grow right along with you. 

VISIONARY – "Less is more"; a vivid, compelling mind bending & transformational vision and well executed strategy that everyone from the top down shares uniformly across the entire organization. Ask someone in your organization on the front lines today "why are we in business?" 

INSPIRE: Don't be critical of people; instead, be critical of processes. 

CONTINUOUS LEARNER: A lifelong passion of mine. Helps my creativity to learn and observe what others do and improve on it. 

What did I miss? What traits do you demonstrate outside of those listed above? 

In closing, how'd you do? Preferably, do you have someone (or a team) of people that can help you assess the "unknown/unknowns" and the "blind spots" (things you can't see or recognize about your own leadership skills)?