Ominous tones—“A big bad day is coming”

We've spoken before about the literary flourish of author Peggy Noonan.

I enjoy the role of curator of content.

This past Saturday in the WSJ, and in case you missed it, Peggy was writing on the topic of President Donald Trump and the (mostly self-inflicted) challenges that he has faced in his first 70 days. As a citizen, it certainly depresses me that we can't seem to get anything done anymore. Anyway, another story for another day.

In Peggy's column, these ominous tones:

"Undergirding my thinking is the sense that a big bad day is coming—that we have too many enemies, and that some of them have the talent to hurt us, and one or more inevitably will. Whatever helps hold us together now will help hold us together then, when we're under severe pressure. "

"Behind that thought is the observation that our country is stressed to the point of fracture culturally, economically, politically, spiritually. We find it hard to hold together on a peaceful day, let alone a violent one. And so right now we must institute as much good feeling and cooperation in Washington as we can. The nation longs for examples of constructiveness and capability. We've got to keep the long view in mind."

Indeed Peggy. Time to come together for the good of the country. Before it's too late and we collectively piss it away. I'd like to buttress this with some words of my own. Your elected Representatives work for you (us). Reach out, let them know how you feel. Respectful diversity of opinion is what made this country the greatest institution in the world. And remember, you need guys like me on that wall. Please, contact your Representative today.

 The conversation is the relationship—changing our world by changing ourselves—what are you thinking?