Most marketing sucks

If you are a faithful reader of my blog, you recognize that we have been concentrating recently on an old fashioned book report on the hard-cover and paperback edition of Your Marketing Sucks, written by author Mark Stevens, circa 2003.

Next essential thesis as presented in the book is this. 

"Most marketing does suck. And it does because people haven't thought through what they are trying to accomplish before they start spending money on marketing."

Continuing, every marketing dollar that you spend is set in a strategic context. To do otherwise, is to throw money out the window. In other words, you know specifically why you are getting ready to make a specific $$$ investment in a campaign,

Is based on a holistic and comprehensive omnichannel (BTW, Phil Spector used to call it a Wall of Sound) campaign constructed and mapped to make certain that every marketing tactic deployed (like your website, landing page, sales pages, snail mail & social media) naturally reinforce each other and don't conflict. Delivered to your target audience in a reasonably consistent and systematic manner, together with your value prop, you cannot lose.

Brings back more than a dollar in ROI.

If I could amplify on this notion & move you to action, why then, don't you do it?

BTW, in this context the SIZE of your business is irrelevant as this methodology works equally well for big and small alike.

If you are SMB, probably because you haven't been shown how or no one has presented a really solid business case on how best to proceed. Or, no on else there at the company has the expertise. 

I would encourage you not to let that be an excuse! Have the conversation with yourself and a marketing professional! And keep your focus on the ratio of marketing spend to marketing ROI.