Marketing strategy

At the risk of pontificating a bit and educating on the topic of strategic marketing, I digress:

Don't confuse strategy with tactics. A marketing tactic are things like your website, your SEO, & your online reputation management software.

A few distinctive ground rules on the topic of marketing strategy.

  • Be clear about your unique selling proposition or "USP." Some people refer to this as your value proposition. Quality, competitive price and extreme customer service are "table stakes" in today's market. You can only stand for one thing in the marketplace. To do otherwise runs the risk of confusing your target audience. You'll lose as a result of the confusion.
  • You know globally or holistically what is going to be required to reach the broadest possible audience with your offering & USP.
  • Once you qualify your prospects (including your existing clients or customers)—qualified prospects will find your offering impossible to resist. 
  • Your marketing efforts are in sync with your company's growth/profit/value-building objectives for the business.