Losing the battle (if not the war)

Did you happen to see the article in the Sat 1/13/18 WSJ titled Parents' Dilemma: When to Give Children Smartphones

"Who the hell would give a junior-high schoolchild a gaming platform to walk through the world with?" "It feels a little like trying to teach your kid how to use cocaine, but in a balanced way." (the lament of Ellen Krause-Grosman quoted in the article)

Knowing my parents, and recounting my upbringing, with the advent of technology like cellphones (back then it was color TV), in an earnest attempt to deflect, my parents would have told my brother and me "Move along, nothing to see here!"  

Over the years, many of you have discussed this very topic with me.

You know what I mean. The anxiety associated with the tug-of-war that gets created when Apple, Android and Google win the battle (if not the war) of your childrens' mindset.

Again, for me, what my father used to tell me about "losing the battle, if not the war." Today, I see a deeply personal decision on the part of parents as to which side you come out on re: this issue. Certainly, you have to do what is right for you as a parent, and for your child (ren) in the moment. Unlike most things, there is no playbook here. 

That said, as a parent, if you make the decision to "open the kimono" and enable the smartphone decision, please do so with your eyes open.Think downstream.  "You think you're buying a piece of technology. Now it's like oxygen to her." (Tina Shepardson)

All I can say here is verify and validate what I see anecdotally as I travel. Restaurant tables full of parents leading by example, staring at their smartphones (spouses too!) and kids all too eager to model similar behavior on the part of their parents.

Not for me to pass judgment.  My part in this is acceptance. Maybe that's alright (and I don't really think so)

"I don't care what the other moms think of me. We're happy to be different." (Felice Ahn)