“Loners are lonely” and “max out, get all you can out of your days”

Jon Gruden, deposed Coach and now irrepressible color analyst for ESPN Monday Night Football was recently inducted into the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Ring of Honor. Joined the likes of Lynch, Alstott, Barber, Sapp, Brooks, Selmon….

As a long suffering Tampa Bay fan, in 2002, Tampa Bay reached the pinnacle of the NFL. Those were the days! (and we haven't been back since) Course if you're also a Bengals fan, and I am, we've never won the big game though the Bengals have participated twice. 

After his induction, Gruden was interviewed by a few local reporters. Days later, these quotes "resonated with me" and stuck.


"I spend a lot of time in this dark room. No distractions. I think we’re all like that. Maybe me more. I’ve always been a loner, bro. It’s a bad thing in some ways. Because loners are lonely. Doesn’t it seem a little lonely in here?"

Full disclosure and as a quick aside : I've always had an internal battle with being a loner. If there was no one around to play with, I learned how to make my own action. That said, I prefer being around people. You've certainly helped me with that…thanks.

To continue with Chucky:

He drew another play.

"My dad told me something one time. I was in Philadelphia, moaning about something. Dad says: ‘Why don’t you quit complaining? Why don’t you go to a cemetery and look at all the rocks. Some people have been under those rocks a hundred years. One day, you’ll be under one.’ That’s a hell of a thing. It tells you: We’ve got to get somewhere, some way, max outget all you can get out of your days."

Thanks for the inspiration Coach. Miss you on the sidelines.