Is the mystery your eye?

Saw something the other day that caused me to step back and think.

I find that most of us are happiest when we're surrounded by emotionally familiar surroundings of home and family.

That said, I'm no different than the next person when I say that there is a thread of uneasiness that lurks just beyond my natural comfort zone.

"That's OK."

What is not OK is to let those feelings simmer. The converse of simmering feelings is to go off "half-cocked" into the unknown searching for missing pieces of the puzzle.

In fact, if you're a compulsive person, you can fall victim to over-analyzing a situation. As a result, you'll freeze. Instincts in situations like these are valuable. Trust them! Too much "looking" blinds you from the truth. 

Novelist Elizabeth Bowen wrote, "No object is mysterious. The mystery is your eye."