Instinctively and habitually

In a moment of quiet repose this morning, in my gratitude morning segment, some silent reflection.

As I age, I find that my brain gracefully shifts from an "instant retrieval file cabinet" to a "fighter pilot like central processing unit" or "CPU" (thanks David Allen

I'm very pleased that in the haze of the early AM fog, I have instinctively and habitually (almost customary or unconsciously) ingrained daily habits like:

  • Lock the doors behind me
  • Feed and water the dog
  • Turn out the lights
  • Wash my hands, particularly under the fingernails 
  • Process my urgent, overnight e-mail
  • Close the garage door
  • Log my business miles
  • Ideally, hit the elliptical, walk or recumbent bike
  • Oatmeal breakfast

LOL, after looking at that list, almost OCD.

Seriously, when you can do these things without thinking about them, I find that it "quiets" thus "frees" the mind for the more important things that I choose to do.

For me, I take great comfort (and thus, probably take for granted) that I do these things without thought or hesitation. Sadly "stray thoughts", random and chaotic ricochet all too frequently off my cranium. Sensory overload. Removes some stressors. Five simple steps that bring order to the chaos.

Food for thought.