I’m sorry

"I'm sorry." When these two words are delivered with sincerity, and with emotion, they are two of the most powerful words in the history of mankind. At the same time, please don't overuse. Delivered too often and the phrase loses its punch, effectiveness or gravitas. 

Have you had a recent encounter where it was clear to you that "I'm sorry" should have been in the discussion and none was forthcoming?

Why do you suppose it is that some folks can't bring themselves to say "I'm sorry" when the situation obviously calls for it? Perhaps it is fear of appearing to be weaker? Or maybe the need to be RIGHT?

As fellow human beings on the planet, we all make mistakes. By extension, we all have things we need to apologize for: words, actions, failure to act, omissions, being inconsiderate in the moment, etc.


If you say you're sorry, I would encourage you not to offer anything else in the form of a rebuttal or reprisal. Like, "I'm sorry, but you were being a jerk." Please STOP after "I'm sorry." Economize. In this instance, choose brevity.


In my view, it's not hard to "fall on your sword" and move the conversation to a new higher plain.