I grew up in a home where my Dad would fix anything. Anything. He used to take my brother and I along to ride shotgun to the hardware store! (It was our hobby) It was a ritual. Dad didn't have the patience to teach us stuff though. What I learned, when I was interested, I observed. Dad used to say, "you should try to fix it yourself as we'll save a bundle. If you mess it up, we can always pay somebody to fix what you messed up." Looking back, I can probably count on one hand the number of times we ever had to call a repairman. That was Dad.

Fast forward to 2017.

I recently learned about this fascinating "little" company iFixit in the April, 2017 issue of Inc. magazine. 14 years young, 125 EEs, $21M in sales, 30% growth year-over-year. And five time Inc. 5000 honoree!

"We give away a whole lot for free. We like that and it still works." My father's dream….

Wiki-style online advice. Free. (90% of iFixit revenue comes from selling specialized bundled parts and tool kits!)

They have developed quite a niche in repairing iPhones and iPads. To the degree that it has gotten Apple's attention.

94 million people accessed iFixit last year principally to learn how to fix something on their own. Yes, this website is designed for the do-it-yourself crowd.

(sigh) Dad would have loved this website. Next time something breaks at your place, take a look. Maybe your Xbox is broken…. iFixit