I Love Capitalism!

Presently reading a book authored by Kenneth Langone called "I Love Capitalism." You may remember Langone as a co-founder of The Home Depot and philanthropist.

BTW, the book was additionally profiled in Peggy Noonan's Saturday column in the WSJ.

I'm reminded that we can learn things from one another.

There were some of emotional triggers (so called "rules for living" or takeaways) for me so far:

  1. Take your religious faith seriously. Doing so provided him safe harbor from the looming storm clouds and kept him grounded in the needs of others.
  2. Marry for the long-run. When things were good she cheered him on; when things were bad she would always be there for him—win, lose or draw. (We all need our support systems.)
  3. You teach values by living them. (EDITORS NOTE: WOW!) Don't say—do. "People absorb eloquent action."
  4. Pray at the feet of hard work. Be ravenous about reading about your field or chosen endeavor. 
  5. Money solves the problems money can solve. Don't ask more of it, and don't be ashamed of wanting it. "Well kid, I was poor, and I can tell you right now poverty doesn't do a very good job either."
  6. Stay excited. Don't be sated.
  7. Admit the reality around you, then change it.
  8. When you're successful you'll put noses out of joint, even among colleagues who benefit from your work. Be careful about jealousy and in the end, roll with it, it is human nature. When you piss off the old guard, become the old guard—and help the clever rise. (EDITORS NOTE: BEAUTY (HT to Tim, my son-in-law) right there.
  9. There is no defeat except in giving up. You're going to fail. So what? Keep going, something will work. God doesn't close one door without opening another.

I plan to print that up and stick it in front of me to review daily. Thanks Kenneth.