Fear as a motivator

Various coaches in my life (in this instance, "coaches" include my parents)  have always used fear effectively as a motivator.

As a result, the "fear of failure" is pretty much baked or hard-wired into my DNA. You see fear of failure has always been my best personal motivator. It is what gets me out of bed each and every day. If I can pass along any life experience to you, it might be this one.

As I travel to visit each of you, I often ask what it would take to take your business to the next level? Often, you tell me that the market isn't good, your sales team lacks panache, and/or your partners are risk averse. Basically, everyone or anything but yourself! This is an opportunity to look yourself in the mirror and ask the question—"is fear or the way that I deal with fear holding me (us) back?"

Look at your competitors. Is fear holding them back? 

There have been times in my life when fear became debilitating. For me, this manifests itself in procrastination. In other words, rather than confront the fear head-on, I procrastinate or by extension I avoid taking the next step. 

What I have learned about myself is that fear in and if itself is exhausting. By "kicking the can down the road" on the next new idea, or marketing strategy I miss opportunities!

What I have learned about myself. LEAN INTO THE FEAR! Personally, I like to use my fear as a motivator to sharpen my focus. I tend pay closer attention to all the details and steps (thinking first with the end in mind) required to properly and efficiently carry out the mission. In essence, "bring my best." Along the journey, my intuition sharpens and my gut gets re-calibrated. Eyes fixed firmly forward—I generally feel good about my decisions. And here is what I know, when I'm at my best, I'll put my "A" game up against anyone else's. Count it.

So the next time fear wants to take over, chest expands, heart races a bit faster— LEAN IN. Leverage the opportunity to GET BETTER with your fear. Use fear as a motivator. The additional "reps" over time will help with irrational fear.

The conversation is the relationship—changing our world by changing ourselves—what are you thinking?