By now, you've probably caught up to the rot of the core that is Facebook.

Frankly, Facebook's relationship with your personal data is in a word "troubling."

For starters, your data has been repeatedly exploited in a bold attempt to monetize Facebook's model and to line their pockets.

By extension, you've exposed your friends and neighbors too. And, what to make of the omnipotent Facebook Pixel?

Let's face it, depending on what you have shared over the years, Facebook knows an awful lot about all of us. And, if it is out there, it is difficult to scrub.

Recent events leave us all a bit shaken. If you haven't left Facebook already, you may consider it.

In a nutshell, for years, Facebook has shared a treasure trove of personal information with developers and data miners of varying stripes. The most recent example of this is Cambridge Analytics and their overt ties to the Trump election effort. 

Facebook continues to self-monitor and self-police. In my view, who is guarding the henhouse here? The company has repeatedly failed in its efforts to date to police itself. What are they gonna do, hire hundreds of thousands of people to monitor daily threads? 

The WSJs Christopher Mims says, "Personalization in advertising is sometimes nearly indistinguishable from surveillance, and personalization is how Facebook makes money and in turn captures so much of the online advertising pie." Sheesh!

In my view, we're one brick short of antitrust litigation. You just know that that'll wind around the courts for a most certain extended period of time with adjudications, appeals; you get the drill (sigh).