“Every goal is a project” (removing the bloat from your to-do list)

Was listening to a recent podcast from celebrated leadership mentor & productivity expert, Michael Hyatt. www.michaelhyatt.com

In the podcast, Hyatt stated, "While every goal is a project, not every project is a goal."

I had not heard this particular topic framed in this manner in the past. Since I have been recently seeking some additional personal clarity on this topic, and a different way of thinking about it, the statement startled me a bit.

I took out my pen and carved a few notes that I'll summarize here.

Continuing, Hyatt said if you confuse goals and projects, we end up with bloated task lists (EDITORS NOTE: overwhelm, like mine for instance!) and as a result, we make little progress on what matters most to us (and our success, at least as we define it).

3 Criteria for True Goals

Let's unpack this notion a bit further, so you can do something "actionable" (if you so choose)

3 things a project  must meet to distinguish it from a goal

  1. Challenge Goals live in your discomfort zone; projects live in your comfort zone. If it's not a bit risky, and doesn't require your full transformational creative attention and energy, it is probably a project, not a goal. For example, setting up a new Chart of Accounts in QuickBooks is a project not a goal; additionally think of updating your employee manual as a project, not a goal. Doing weekly expense or mileage reports: project not a goal.
  2. Excitement Over the course of a year, you'll have hundreds, if not thousands of projects. By the same token, you'll have fewer than 10 goals. If you're presently not motivated by your project, Hyatt suggests you strike it from your goal list or automate/delegate/outsource that project to someone else.
  3. Transformation It's not a true goal unless it has some sort of transformative effect on you and/or your business. To the contrary, projects are all about "maintenance" and "compliance." Goals are centered on quantum leaps forward. 

"Goals are centered on quantum leaps forward"

You want to dedicate as much of your energy as you can to tasks only you can do to move your life in a new, different and better direction.

SOURCE: Michael Hyatt 

PS I'm anxious to get back in control of my life. In the spirit of that, I recently subscribed to Michael Hyatt's planning system called Full Focus Planner. Care to join me on the journey?