Engineers and sales/marketing types; recruiting adult supervision

Was driving back from Wilmington after visiting with my good friends Mark & Stephanie recently. Always enjoy seeing both of them as they cause me to step back and think.

Naturally, I spend most of the time driving back answering my voice mail. It's an efficient use of time after all.

After the calls are made, & since I cannot work in the business during the drive back home, I have ingrained a new habit of using this 'quiet windshield time' (a 2-hour drive) to instead work 'on the business' and not 'in the business.'

Which brings me to the topic of podcasts and "sharpening the saw" (thanks Stephen C.) 

We've spoken numerous times before about author Tim Ferris and his seminal best seller "The 4-Hour Work Week." In fact, Blinkist has a 'Blink' for the reading challenged. As part of Tim's enormous reach, he does a weekly podcast. I 'guarandarntee' ( a Jim-ism) you you'll get a nugget or three that is helpful to you in some way and helps you shape your (future) narrative. If you haven't caught up to Tim's podcast, you can here. Tim Ferris Show

If you do, you'll know that Tim recently interviewed Bob Metcalfe. In my personal & learned view, Bob Metcalfe is the father of Ethernet. Or as Metcalfe puts it, the "plumbing or pipe behind the internet." Simply fascinating and mesmerizing exchange. 

I would encourage you to listen. A couple of gems from the Ferriss-Metcalfe interview that resonated with me:

"Engineers are suspicious of sales and marketing people." (I can share with you personally, as a 'frustrated engineer wannabe' (I wasn't smart enough) that one gem is absolutely spot on.' Nothing will run the train off the tracks quicker in an organization than the lack of trust between engineers and sales/marketing.

"Recruit adult supervision."

"Steve Jobs and his 'reality distortion field.'