Each marketing tactic an island to itself

We've been talking recently about the topic of Extreme Marketing.

No different than anyone else, as a fellow business owner, you'd like to get ROI on your marketing spend whatever it is. $2 revenue:$1 marketing spend. 3:1. 5:1. 20:1.

Marketing of any kind works best when it is totally integrated. 

By that I mean, regardless of tactic (s) deployed, i.e. trade journal print advertising, DRA, your website, e-mail marketing, and direct mail should work in concert with each other to drive sales.

When your "marketing mix" is 'detached' or 'disparate', by that I mean each marketing tactic an island to itself, we lose some of the momentum that a well-coordinated & choreographed marketing campaign affords.

Why does this particular axiom hold true? Because everyone accesses (receives) their information in different ways. For example, I see most of my stuff online. So, as an advertiser, if your hope is to attract my eyeballs, digital platforms are your best choice. To boost advertising & marketing effectiveness, as an advertiser and brand builder, you need to be across a broad set of platforms. After all, marketing is simply an impressions business. Digital impressions. Analog impressions. You get the idea. Together.

Let's drill down on a brief example.

Say we create a nice trade publication ad on our lawn tractors. Powerful sales copy, integrated imagery through complementary photography and graphics.

Then, we create a standalone website that makes no reference to the ad sales copy and integrated imagery. LOST OPPORTUNITY! One segment in the marketing mix is not supportive of the other. Make sense? 

In closing, a powerful marketing mix should be self-reinforcing. 

Jim, enough gobbledegook, how do I get started? START by looking at your present marketing strategy. I would encourage you to start right now by auditing your current marketing assets & try to determine as best you can their use cases & their effectiveness. Then, look carefully at your target market. Do a gap analysis. Am I in the right mediums?