Distinction and your brand

Last time together we talked about attention and your brand (breaking through the clutter and eyeball share).

For a moment, let's "unpack" the ROI of a strong brand (or, said another way, perhaps what your brand stands for in the marketplace. Sidebar: for you sole practitioners in the crowd, isn't the brand you?)

Benefits of a strong brand

  • It will add value to a company (becomes an asset on your balance sheet; transferable $$$ to the new owner)
  • Requires less persuasion for consumers to use other products from the same brand
  • Can ensure a lasting customer relationship due to trust
  • It aids recognition in a cluttered marketplace
  • Has the ability to command a premium
  • Allows differentiation between very similar products, for example still mineral water

Let's now marry the topic of attention with the topic of distinction.

In my mind, distinguishing your messaging from that of "the other guy(s)" in a category in its most simplistic form comes down to efficient execution. How is your execution different? If the messaging in the category looks like everybody else's ad in the category, you don't stand out or differentiate your brand and approach. In fact, if your execution is sloppy, you might help your competition.

Consistent & persistent execution of your messaging is that important!