Disciplined leaders ask these questions

A few columns ago,  I mentioned coming across a column from John Manning and Art Petty on the topic of five vital questions that every person in a leadership role should ask. In that blog, we kicked it off by asking whether or not we had the right talent on the bus.

As the column triggered some thoughts of my own, I'd like to continue to embellish on this a bit:

# 2 of the five vital questions:

  1. Do I have the right talent?
  2. Do we have goal clarity?

Starting with you, does everyone have absolute clarity on their goals and objectives? This year, this quarter, this week? Do your team member's goals correlate and align with the organization's goals? If you are feeling confusion or uncertainty here, use the opportunity to pull  your contemporaries aside and ask these questions. What are your goals (objectives) for this quarter? How are you doing against those goals (objectives)?

As Manning and Petty point out, if your folks can't articulate their goals to you clearly and succinctly, look at this as an opportunity to step in and gain agreement on alignment. In other words, take the corrective action now. Don't wait all year until the end-of-year performance review.

Gaining alignment and clarity around goals and objectives is a.) powerful and b.) tantamount to accelerating your organization's success.

Right now, as leader of your own life, do you know what you're responsible for this quarter? Do your people?