Deployment of human capital, the gig economy and letting go

Whether or not you hang your own shingle or work for someone, as an entrepreneur & fellow leader there, the gig economy is a development to keep your eye on. In my view, one of the primary responsibilities of a manager or leader is the efficient and effective deployment of human capital. 

To add further fuel to the discussion, a couple of recent ancillary items that have "bigly" ramifications here.

Recent changes in the tax law (like a 20% "off-the-top" reduction in tax burden for a sole proprietor or partnership) seem to signal legislative support of the notion of a gig economy. Further, with each passing day, and baby boomers on the way out, macro shifts towards automation, we're talking a transformative change in the composition of our labor markets going forward. Exacerbated further by a full employment (defined as less than 4%) environment. Assuming this growth in global economy  trend continues to play out, at least in the near and intermediate term, finding good staff is going to become increasingly difficult. I'm already seeing spotty instances of this now.

Can you imagine a n environment of a fractional or outsourced COO, CMO, CFO, CEO? (Hint: Get used to the idea)

Good news is, as humans, we have a tremendous ability to adapt.

To start, embracing the possibilities of a tectonic shift in the composition of our labor markets requires a shift in mindset. Start by letting go of the notion that your human capital needs to work for you and/or be under your roof.

Again, and in closing, keep your eyes on this development.