Companies that invest in employee experience outperform those that don’t


Do you think that you need to be a Fortune 500 company to enjoy the benefits cited in the above graph for your small or mid-market sized business?  Would you rather have a workplace where people dread coming to work everyday or share your enthusiasm to "put shoes on the baby?"

I know that you've heard this before!  The empirical evidence is quite compelling! Studies show that over the long-run (no cyclical quick fixes here), three (3) environments matter most to employees: cultural, technological, physical. As leader there, concentration and investments made in these three (3) areas will yield significant ROI as evidenced by the above graphic. Take a day away monthly from being "in it" and trade it out for a day "on it." I would encourage you to do the hard work necessary to make your place of work "a destination employer." It is a reasonable goal.

Want to know more? Jacob Morgan is the author of The Employee Experience Advantage

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