Chances are, it’s already been said

I was thinking about something the other day and wondered your take on it.

I'm wondering if the remaining unique idea(s) out there is a zero sum game. 

Think about it.

In other words, what are the chances that it has already been said? Or, the idea is already out there in the public domain created by an individual or group of folks far smarter than I am just waiting to be discovered?

Probably sounds pretty cynical I know this idea of unique ideas and a zero sum game.

Think about it.

How many unique ideas did you come up with over the last week, month, year(s)? Oh sure, there is a unique idea every now and then that a profound thinker comes up with. It doesn't take long to come to light in a fervent attempt to monetize. Then, folks do a riff on it, "knock it off" and call it their own. Cynical.

For me, I've always been best at filtering other peoples ideas. "R&D" as my good friend DBP likes to say. Replicate and duplicate. Don't get me wrong— I have a pretty strong "filter" for extraneous stimuli. Annotation or transcription skills if you will.