Long time readers of my blog know that I'm a voracious reader. More specifically, a non-fiction reader.

Best business practices, sales/marketing, finance, execution, emotional intelligence, relationships, family, psychology, that sort of stuff.

Intently focused ALWAYS on getting better. A leg-up as it is indeed a dog-eat-dog world out here these days. Maybe that is YOU. 

My friend Mark turned me on to Blinkist sometime back. Additionally, I mentioned it a few blogs back. Reviewing the heat map of my blog, I see that many of you tagged it. Good! For you Apple users, Blinkist is in the app store (thanks Arnold). For Android, Google Play. Conventional

What Blinkist does is be a huge time saver.

Blinkist creates a blink or "3-5 page book report" (Blinkist affectionately refers to them as "blinks") version for the terminally time challenged (like me). Audio or visual versions. When I'm on the road, in addition to my podcast app, I connect through Bluetooth and wa-la! Non-fiction topics (like those described above) are like "rocket fuel" for me! Maybe that is YOU.

I'm presently re-visiting "the blink" of David Allen's seminal work on the topic of time management and Getting S*&% Done or "GSD" (from 2002) titled Getting Things Done

In fact, there are too many blinks in this particular book to re-visit in a blog like this one—for instance, Allen suggests creating a "collection bucket" (essentially a brain dump or mind map) to free your mind sufficient to "process" and not intend to use the mind for storage or memory. To do so, introduces considerable stress. I can attest to that! That one alone frees me slightly of the overwhelm and alone is worth the price of admission and will require me to re-wire my neural net in order to act on it.

I would encourage you to take a look (and keep learning as a way to "sharpen your saw" (thanks Stephen)