Are you through putting one foot in front of the other (again) today?

Don't get me wrong, sometimes putting  one foot in front of the other is just what you need to make steady progress.

However, to transform to something different requires a different approach. A different and preferably visual cue. You know what I'm talking about. To change a long-standing habit. As humans, we tend to overly focus our efforts on the routine because we're comfortable there, e.g. putting one foot in front of the other. Taking a risk yields a different reward.

As my Dad used to say when he admired me going down a rabbit trail, "give up the ghost!" In other words, give up on whatever course I was on as he could see things that I couldn't see. Sometimes, when you're the doer, you miss things. The proverbial blind spots. What aren't you seeing? In other words, knowing when to abandon the plan. Dad's instincts were always good that way and he didn't raise a quitter. He raised a tinkerer instead.

Seth said recently that "Intentional action is the hallmark of a professional."

Seth's right about that. I'm a professional and I don't do anything hastily or that isn't well thought out. Often times, it only takes a few more minutes to make a good decision— a great decision.

The conversation is the relationship—changing our world by changing ourselves—what are you thinking?