My father used to remind me to never dabble in public conversation around the subject of politics.

He used to say "if you line 2 people up against the wall, chances are you'll piss at least one of them off with your views and perspectives." LESSON: stay above the fray and instead choose to be apolitical. There will be less friction in your life. I don't always toe the line on that and dad would be proud that I tried.

That reminder brings me around to the subject of today's blog.

You know Ken Blanchard? Or, maybe you know of him? Celebrated author & management expert. Google him. His most successful & seminal book, "The One Minute Manager" sold 13M copies! If you've read it, I would encourage you to go back and read it again. There are some enduring takes in there!

About 5 years ago, Mr. Blanchard waded ever so slightly into the topic of politics through his blog "A Leadership Vision for America." Consider this blog "a reprise"—this stuff never gets old. And please, if interested, feel free to Google & jump ahead!

Over the next several blogs, if you indulge me for a moment, I intend to parse that topic at least from this corner.

First take (and, in my view, validating the obvious)

  • Political discourse in America is presently in rarified air.
  • Rare agreement: seems to be universal disappointment in Washington and politicians in general.
  • More problems today than perhaps any point in our history. Little movement from our elected officials towards solving those problems.
  • Power of incumbency trumps just about everything else. (EDITORS NOTE: why would anyone in God's name, want this job?)
  • By observation, America is no longer that "shining city upon a hill" that Reagan so fondly embraced.
  • Over the next several blogs, Blanchard will expose 4 leadership secrets that might provide some illumination & motivation to a better, different result. Isn't that what we all want?

 NEXT TIME: the first of four pillars of leadership according to Blanchard