Amplification and your brand

Last time together, we talked about the topic of linkage and your brand.

This time, amplification and your brand.

By amplification we mean —what will people remember about your messaging and play back in their minds (their movie or their narrative) during the "moment of truth" when they purchase or when they buy? What about your core message of your product or service gets amplified?

For example, when I go to help rent a property for my recent college grad, where do I go to do that? Anecdotally, I could certainly let my "fingers do the walking" and drive-by properties of interest, go in, ask for vacancy and a tour. Or (insert better opportunity here)…

Ideally, these amplifications will be positive associations!

As Tim Calkins at The Kellogg School (an influencer) points out, every year, there are those advertisers who blow it and as a result their messaging backfires with unintended results. Don't confuse. Amplify your strengths. Figure out the best way to communicate with your target audience and at what interval. Your business, (like everyone else's business) is an impressions' business.