Agile HR isn’t just for tech anymore

Last time together, we introduced the concept of Agile HR and Scrum.

Some helpful context. Agile HR isn't just for tech anymore (just like it wasn't your father's Oldsmobile). Jim Crawford told me once that "you can't save yourself to prosperity." He was right about that. Cutting corners on tactical HR in your organization isn't a long-term strategy for success. 

Agile HR has been working its way into other areas and functions, from product development to manufacturing to marketing (shoot, and even sales!)

And now it is transforming how organizations hire, develop, manage and ultimately retain their people. 

Agile HR steps us away from a rules and planning approach toward a simpler and faster model driven by participant feedback. Think Performance Management on steroids! A recent survey conducted by Deloitte says that 79% of global executives and business owners rate agile performance management as a high organizational priority.

So, in closing, if you are losing some of your best people, voluntary turnover is inching past 15% year-over-year and you are constantly pulling your hair out trying to raise the bar of your "C" level staff, AND/OR have chronic hiring issues (to name a few symptoms), please pay attention to the next few blogs. I hope to introduce you to a framework that will provide a better result for you and your organization. 

Next time… I've taken some good notes and transcribed them (ADP has a platform, for example). Let's raise the hood, tinker with the engine and share the positive vibe with your peers and contemporaries.