Agile HR and coaching

Research* shows that the companies that most effectively adopt agile talent practices invest in sharpening managers' coaching skills.

Some observations to share

  • Some org's incorporate 90-minute coaching sprints 
  • Some rely on HR or instead hire a full-time professional coach to assist all managers give better constructive feedback to employees. That said, some folks desire to stay in the technical career track not advancing to a leadership role. That's okay— the right thing in this instance is to identify that and have conversations around that.
  • P&G recently took their front-line supers through a.) how to set priorities and goals, b.) how to provide feedback on contributions, c.) how to align employee's career expectations with business needs and learning. All of which leads to better engagement. Better engagement accelerates both innovation and Getting Stuff Done. 

Coaching borrows from both consulting and therapy. Coaches are paid to ask the tough questions and share with an individual how they show up in their day-to-day interactions with others.