A helpful reminder on the subject of spatial awareness

I suppose it was my mom or my dad (I don't remember which–perhaps both) that taught me the importance of "spatial awareness." All I know is my head is on a swivel most of the time and I have someone to thank for that.

This is an important lesson and maybe a timely helpful reminder. Be aware of your surroundings and what might be in the periphery that could cause or create unintended problems or circumstances.

When we are aware of our surroundings, we are better able to anticipate and adapt to the situation/problems and avoid them. 

As you read this, where are you?  Perhaps you are sitting on a plane. Take a look at who and what surrounds you. 

Anything going on that doesn't look quite right? What if

Anticipating is truly a gift when fully evolved and developed. For example, the very best athlete's know "it" is going to happen before it happens and adapt. Notice the "shimmy" of a superb running back when he hits the hole.

Paying it forward, years later, I remind my wife and kids to ALWAYS, ALWAYS have keys in hand "at the ready" as they venture alone into a parking lot or other unfamiliar environment. Don't spend time in the lot fishing for keys! Before proceeding, do an "environmental scan" of the peripheral area. I read of far too many instances these days of folks preying on the unsuspecting and the trusting.

Same holds true for driving. (We have too many distractions when we drive today–those that multi-task text or make calls.) When driving, look at least 100' ahead–know what is coming at you, check your rearview and see what is behind you, know your escape routes on the sides, that sort of thing…hope this helps.

In summary, I would encourage (if you're not) to be preemptive about your personal safety and by extension your continuing legacy. Take control of your surroundings and your life!