A few (more) things I heard about millennials today

Had an opportunity to tap into Gen Y* speaker and researcher Jason Dorsey.

*those individuals' born 1977-1995

In an effort to "bridge the divide" (in this humble bloggers opinion, don't stick your head in the sand on this one! To ignore this phenomena frankly seals your fate as a multi-generational business owner/operator), a few nuggets that you might not have heard:

  • Millennials are the largest segment of the workforce today, in fact, 1 in 3. Look around your own office. What do you see in the current makeup of your own demo/psychographics?
  • Over 83 million Gen Y folks in the workplace today
  • For the first time in US history, four (4) generations working along side one another; age gap can be as wide as 60 years
  • "Melting pot" of different parenting styles, economic trends, technological advancements, e.g. TV and the SmartPhone, life events and lifespans; defining traits and behaviors shaped by different stimuli, e.g. WWII, Vietnam, 9/11

Besides tattoo's, facial hair and flat-billed caps, consider these:

  • Gen Y is the first generation to have no expectation of lifetime employment. Millennials consider long-term employment as being at the same company for 13 months.
  • Make it easy on yourself: they have a feeling of entitlement. Their parents want things to be easier for them.
  • They bring big expectations for their career and have a strong desire to make a difference.
  • Millennials crave instant gratification and are outcome-driven. 
  • They depend on technology and use it to communicate with friends and family 24/7. This dependence is often at the cost of interpersonal communications skills and face-to-face conversational skills.
  • Millennials have a high tolerance for diversity—both racial diversity and diversity of thought.
  • They aspire to be entrepreneurs and run the show.
  • Millennials like to control their own schedules.
  • They have a need for ongoing feedback.
  • Millennials lack real-world experience and need to be taught how to act like professionals.
  • Gen Y values their lifestyle over their career.

Leadership is in our ability to not only understand this but to tap into this phenomena to accelerate the agenda of our businesses.